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Modern Simplicity

As form follows function, Aquablu infuses simplicity and takes nature as our inspiration to all our design and detailing. We strive to incorporate the modern built environment with architecture and nature to produce artful pieces that inspire and educate.

An Immersive Experience

Aquablu offers an experience to remember with immersive design concepts. With our comprehensive specialist services, we are able to cover and control all aspects from design to construction.

Aquatics Technology

Aquablu works with the forefront of aquatics technology. Our LSS (Life Support Systems) cater to meet the different needs of modern aquaculture facilities, through to public Oceanariums and private exhibits. Our state of the art technology ensures these fragile ecosystems thrive in a man-made environment.

AQUA - i

This is one of our products that has been developed and collaborated by Aquablu. It is our cost effective online LSS management systems.

Artificial Sea Products

Aquablu also supplies salt mix and supplements suitable for marine aquariums, fish breeding programs, shrimp larvae systems and aqua culture research laboratories.

All products are of high quality and are proven reliable and safe, as supplies are independently tested, and being used in Aquaria KLCC.

Operation & Maintainance

Aquablu offers clients the option to operate and maintain aquariums, from small office aquariums to large public oceanarium management. We cater to our clients budget and requirements to obtain the best visual impact and hassle free operation.

Our motto is to provide:

“Artful Beauty Made Easy”

Naturalistic Manmade

Aquablu strives to combine the best of both man made and natural environments. Indepth research and attention are paid to seamlessly join these 2 environments into one ambience,bringing the outdoors into interior form.