Back by popular demand, children will get to study and learn comprehensively about these wonder of seas ‘Echinoderms’. Let the children’s creativity embrace the entire process of learning & experience through the sensational hands-on activities on the amazing Echinoderms: Sea Stars, Sea Cucumbers & Sea Urchins.

The kids can see for themselves and understand how the anatomy of Echinoderm, observe the movement behavior of Echinoderm and witness how the Echinoderms feedthemselvesby using their unique structures and techniques.

This workshop will be held at the Education booth, Aquaria KLCC daily of the school break, commencing 12 March until 20 March 2016 at 11:00am and 2:00pm. This workshop is perfect for children aged 6-12 years to discover the cool & amazing facts about the ultimate animals from the educators which is complimentary upon purchase of Aquaria KLCC admission ticket. 


11:00AM & 2:00PM

  • What are Echinoderms
  • Types of Echinoderms
  • Cool Facts about Echinoderms
    • Anatomy
    • Locomotion
    • Feeding Mechanism


Fun Facts about Echinoderms 

  • Sea Cucumbers have no true brain
  • The mouth of most Sea Urchins is made up of five calcium carbonate teeth
  • Sea Stars have the ability to regenerate their whole body
  • Echinoderms have no bones, eyes nor brains!
  • Many Echinoderms do have ‘spiny skin’, but others do not.