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Fun With Clownfish!

Date : 1st September 2018 - 31st October 2018

Time : 10:00am-5:00pm

Venue: Education Booth

You have seen them in blockbuster movies and in many other aquariums, but do you think you really know them? Bet you didn't know that all clownfish are born as male, and the dominant male will turn female when the female of the group dies! Come and unravel other fun facts including its life cycle and its symbiosis relationship with the sea anemone!

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Sep 4, 2018 11:26:25 AM By marketing aquaria Event

Malaysian Rivers, The arteries of our waters

Much like the arteries of our heart, rivers are arteries of our planet. Did you know we have over 450 rivers in Malaysia? They provide us with travel routes, food resources & are habitat to many of our species. 

Discover its other roles and learn about the aquatic animals that can be found in our rivers. 

Date : 1st - 31st August 2018 

Venue : Education Booth

Time : 10:00am - 5:00pm 


Feeling SAND-tastic! 

Using your touch and smell sensories, do you think you can guess the origins of the soils? 

Fish and Match

Can you tell the difference between a river fish and an ocean fish? Participate in this game and find out! 

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Jul 25, 2018 11:02:14 AM By marketing aquaria Event
May 28, 2018 2:22:35 PM By marketing aquaria Event
Coral reefs are some f the most diverse and valuable ecosystems of Earth. The impact of ongoing climate change is directly affecting the growth and health of coral reefs. Scientists, ocean conservationists and aquariaKLCC are working together to restore coral reefs.Read More
Mar 30, 2018 4:11:01 PM By marketing aquaria Event
Feb 9, 2018 4:00:05 PM By marketing aquaria Event

Usher in the lunar new year with exciting festive celebrations from 5th-26th February 2018!


Dates : 10th,11th, 16th,17th,18th,24th & 25th February 2018

Time : 12:00 @ Aquatheatre



Dates : 10th,11th, 16th,17th,18th,24th & 25th February 2018

Time : 4:00pm @ Aquatheatre



Dates : 16th,17th & 18th February 2018

Time : 2:30pm @ Aquatheatre


DE' ORANGE BATTLE : Peel The Orange

Dates : 16th,17th & 18th February 2018

Time : 1:30pm @ Grouper Hall

Feb 9, 2018 3:44:30 PM By marketing aquaria Event
Celebrate the King of the House and the King in the family this Father’s Day at aquariaKLCC. On the 17th June – 18th June 2017, aquariaKLCC has prepared a unique learning experience. Find out how the marine dad’s creature look after their families and raise their young this Father’s Day at aquariaKLCC. This activity is open for FREE for all visitors upon purchase of aquariaKLCC admission ticket. Participant will learned about the fatherly instinct of Seahorse that we never know.
Jun 16, 2017 3:05:53 PM By aquariaKLCC father's day, love, appreciation, Event

This May, AquariaKLCC welcomes all teachers and educators across Malaysia to join us at our Teacher’s Day Workshop. Specially created for teachers and educators, it aims to introduce the many educational programs available at AquariaKLCC. We acknowledge the crucial role educators play in building our future, and in recognition of that, this workshop is available free of charge! Over the workshop, participants will experience the programs for themselves, and discover how they can integrate these programs into their own teaching activities. Our education team and curatorial staff will guide participants through the workshops, and demonstrate how they can be best used as a teaching aid. .


The workshops are fully sponsored by Aquaria KLCC. Participation is complimentary for teachers & educators only. Space in each session is limited. Registration and subsequent confirmation will be on a first-come, first-serve basis. So reserve your spot now and let the knowledge journey begin!

Closing date for registration: 18th May 2017


May 22, 2017 5:00:52 PM By aquariaKLCC teacher, educator, inspired, school, workshop, Event
Your mom shares something with the creatures of the deep: their motherly instincts! Come celebrate all moms, and discover how some mothers of the deep nurture their little ones at aquariaKLCC from 6th May - 21st May 2017. Join the activity at the Education Booth @aquariaKLCC from 10.30am - 12.00pm and 2.30pm - 4.00pm. Don't forget to make a gift for your mom on mother's day on 14th May 2017 at the Grouper Hall @ aquariaKLCC from 10.30am - 12.00pm and 2.30pm - 4.00pm.
May 5, 2017 3:03:00 PM By aquariaKLCC mother's day, love, appreciation, , Event
WORLD EARTH DAY 2017: The planet Earth is our home, and biodiversity plays an important part in its health. It's time for us to conserve & preserve our shared home. Join aquariaKLCC as we work together to stop climate change, and preserve our natural heritage from 1st - 23rd April 2017.
Apr 1, 2017 12:27:19 PM By aquariaKLCC earthday, conserve, preserve, Event
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