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WORLD EARTH DAY 2017: The planet Earth is our home, and biodiversity plays an important part in its health. It's time for us to conserve & preserve our shared home. Join aquariaKLCC as we work together to stop climate change, and preserve our natural heritage from 1st - 23rd April 2017.
Apr 1, 2017 12:27:19 PM By aquariaKLCC earthday, conserve, preserve, Event

Get your costumes out and look your most frightful this Halloween! The doors to the watery deeps are creaking open at aquariaKLCC this Halloween weekend, and the atmosphere gets spookier and scarier as the sun goes down. 

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Oct 24, 2016 3:51:27 PM By AquariaKLCC halloween, aquarium, aquariaklcc, sharks, ghosts, Event

Do Sharks Really Sleep?

Find out for yourself and discover more when you spend a night at Aquaria KLCC! 

Unlock the mysteries of our 'Ocean' at night through fun-filled and knowledgeable activities invented by our esteemed educators, designed for children aged 6-13 years. 

You'll have the place to yourself for a fun-packed evening and morning of marine discovery and hands-on excitement!

After an exciting late night activity, get all the rest you need while our sharks keep a watchful eye on you! 


  • 10-11 September 2016
  • 26-27 November 2016
  • 16-17 December 2016


Call us at 03-2333 1888 or drop us an e-mail to education@aquawalk.com for reservations and more info!


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On the 19th of June 2016, Aquaria KLCC has prepared a perfect father-child bonding time, provided with interesting hands-on activity. The father and child are invited to participate to make their own mini aquarium with Marimo Moss Ball for FREE upon purchase of Aquaria KLCC admission ticket. Some special decoration will be provided, such as Marimo, GloFish and miniature hero figurines.

This workshop is open for those aged 6 and above to enhance the relationship between father and child through our educational activity while creating the awareness of conserving our nature. Likewise, this is the opportunity to develop the creativity of the participants by making their own mini aquarium and learn about the unique aquatic plant and animal.

Date: 19th June 2016, Sunday

Time: 11.30am & 2.00pm

Venue: Grouper Hall, Aquaria KLCC

Besides that, you are eligible to win an exclusive gift as simple as follow @AquariaKLCC on Instagram, take a photo of you and your father at Aquaria KLCC, hashtag #myfathermyhero and lastly mention @AquariaKLCC.

Happy Father’s Day!

Jun 13, 2016 2:31:22 PM By Aquaria KLCC Event

In celebration of World Oceans Day this year, Aquaria KLCC is inviting the public to a family-friendly campaign that showcases the conservation efforts in protecting the blue oceans with our green actions. 

The oceans affect our lives more than most people think. In order to ensure the health and safety of both the oceans and our lives, it is vital that we take the responsibility to care for the oceans.

sea turtles

One of the biggest threats to marine animals is being entangled or stranded in nets. At Aquaria KLCC, we have one green turtle and two Olive Ridley turtles that are endangered species. We have also run conservation programme such as ‘TURTLES CAN FLY’. Our role is to educate the public on the threats that these endangered species face.


Although most are not in danger of extinction, seahorses face a few threats that could potentially endanger them; incidental capture, unregulated harvest, habitat loss and use as traditional medicine. At Aquaria KLCC, we educate the public on the biology of seahorses through a learning workshop at Station Aquarius.


Shark fin soup is an expensive and luxurious delicacy around the world and prized for its taste. To meet the growing demand for shark fin soup, sharks are being harvested to near extinction. The ‘SAVE OUR FINS’ programme at Aquaria KLCC aims to educate the public on the importance of saving sharks to keep the marine ecosystem in ecological balance. It is also a call of urgency toward the public to say ‘NO TO SHARK FIN SOUP’.

Starting from 2nd June until 8th June 2016, Aquaria KLCC has planned a series of activities to educate the public on the importance of World Oceans Day and it will be taking place at Grouper Hall, Aquaria KLCC. During this conservation campaign, visitors will only have to purchase the admission ticket to Aquaria KLCC and join in the exciting activities for FREE.

On-ground activities include ‘Drop Your Answer’ and ‘Express Yourself on a Note’ which are aimed to create the awareness on this World Oceans Day. Provided with the promise card, the ‘Express Yourself on a Note’ activity gives the opportunity for visitors to pen their own World Oceans Day message creatively and share it out loud. Apart from these activities, visitors are welcomed to make themselves their own little turtle and build their turtle sculpture by using those unused or recycled materials.

We need to listen and stop destroying the oceans and their inhabitants before it is too late. Together we have the power to change things not just in the ocean fight, but in all animal rights!

May 31, 2016 4:54:03 PM By Aquaria KLCC Event

GOOD NEWS! We have got some special slots for you to experience Sleep with Sharks.

Ever dream of sleeping with the sharks? come join us at Aquaria KLCC for this extraordicary programme - one of our signature educational programme for children. You can witness various nocturnal activities by our sharks and other marine creatures. The fun-filled night includes feeding sessions, hands-on night activities. night educational tours and last but not least, the unique experience of sleeping with the sharks! 

This programme is open for children aged between 6-13 years old. Booking confirmation is only via email.

Come join us for a nigth of discovery that you will remember for the rest of your life. So make your booking now! Limited availability.

Available slots are up  for booking:

a. 4th-5th June 2016
b. 10-11th September 2016
c. 26th-27th November 2016
d. 16th-17th December 2016

Call +603-2333 1888 or Email education@aquawalk.com


May 30, 2016 11:55:49 AM By Aquaria KLCC Event

This workshop aims to stimulate awareness about the significance of this aquatic plant and inspire people to protect them. So come and learn about the spherical algae, mysterious creatures living in the sea, and get better acquainted with Aquaria KLCC!

Participation is complimentary for those aged 5 years and above upon purchasing of Aquaria KLCC admission ticket.

May 11, 2016 12:09:02 PM By Aquaria KLCC Event

Every May, Aquaria KLCC welcomes all teachers/educators across Kuala Lumpur, Putrajaya and Selangor to join in the Teacher’s Day Workshop. This programme is specifically catered for all teachers/educators and aims to introduce educational products at Aquaria KLCC. Over the workshop, participants will get to learn and apply this learning experience on aquatic animals as their teaching aids to students. Team of Education and aquatic animal expert will guide through the workshop with hands-on activities.


The workshops are fully sponsored by Aquaria KLCC. Participation is complimentary for teachers & educators only. Space in each session is limited. Registration and subsequent confirmation will be on a first-come, first-serve basis. So reserve your spot now and let the fun begin!

Closing date for registration: 11th May 2016


May 4, 2016 3:37:14 PM By Aquaria KLCC Event

Mother’s Day is this weekend! That means if you are coming up blank on ideas, time is running of out for you to come up with something special for your mom in your life. Don’t worry; Aquaria KLCC is fully prepared to lead the public with the learning discovery of the aquatic plant – marimo moss ball and to make your own MARIMO FOR MOM at Education Booth, Aquaria KLCC on 8th May 2016 at from 11.00am until 5.30pm.

DISCOVER what a marimo is
LEARN about the fun and educational facts about marimo 
EXPERIENCE making your own marimo container 

A Marimo is a rare growth form of the species where the algae grow into large green balls with a velvety appearance. Public will get to study and learn comprehensively about this unique aquatic plant and its functions in daily life through the hands-on activities. This workshop aims to stimulate awareness about the significance of the aquatic plant and inspire people to protect them.  

Come and learn about the spherical algae, mysterious creatures living in the sea, and make this Mother’s Day one she’ll never forget with a memorable MARIMO present!

QUEEN OF THE OCEANS: Apart from that, treat your mom like a QUEEN this Mother’s Day and stand a chance to win lovely prizes for you mom worth up to RM500. This contest starts from 1st May - 8th May 2016. Follow these 5 steps to get start with your contest:

1. FOLLOW @AquariaKLCC on Instagram
2. UPLOAD a 'Funny' or 'Candid' photo with your mom.
3. TAG any 2 friends to join in the contest.
4. COMPLETE the following sentence: "My mom is the #queenoftheoceans because..."
5. Do not forget to MENTION & TAG @AquariaKLCC.

Each participant may upload the best photo of them. Winners will be determined by best photo and the creativity of the caption to be completed. Three winners altogether throughout the duration of the contest will win away:

1. 4 Adult Entrance Tickets to Aquaria KLCC + Personal Guided Tour which worth RM 500.00 (Grand Prize)
2. 4 Adult Entrance Tickets To Aquaria KLCC  which worth RM 256.00 (Runner Up) 
3. Two Adult Entrance Tickets to Aquaria KLCC which worth RM 128.00 (First Runner Up)

May 3, 2016 11:52:18 AM By Aquaria KLCC Event

Aquaria KLCC is celebrating the 50th anniversary of Earth Day this year, with a variety of live activities from April 22nd-23rd to engage the public in the support mission to better understand and protect our home planet.

In line with this year’s theme of ‘Trees for the Earth’, Aquaria KLCC is inviting the public to participate in this global celebration and show support in conserving the Earth by joining Aquaria KLCC’s mascot Rocky’s days out.

You are called into action! The public are encouraged to hop aboard KL Hop-on Hop-off Tour Bus and support Rocky on his mission to save the Earth through social media networks e.g. Facebook, Instagram and Twitter. Just by that, an exclusive gift will be given away as a token of appreciation while stock lasts.

What is more, a grassy trend hairclip which is overwhelmed with joy and excitement will be given away when the visitors spot Rocky at Aquaria KLCC and share their thoughts of saving the Earth on social media and hashtag #AquariaKLCC. You can be seen rockingwith this cute bean sprout hairclip all the time!

This is also the time for kids ages 6-12 to join in our effort to save the Earth! A customized DIY project will absolutely stimulates the kids to make their own plastic jellyfish in a bottle. With this workshop, the kids are given to learn and understand about the marine environments and conservation.

The Earth needs you. In the spirit of continuing the good fight for our planet, Aquaria KLCC asks you to join and stand with us in celebrating Earth Day 2016. We need you to help restore tree cover and rebuild local economies. We need you to help protect hundreds of species whilst we still can.

Taking care of the earth is not just a responsibility, it’s a privilege! Let’s unite our efforts to pave the way to a greener future for the planet and our coming generations. 

Apr 1, 2016 6:09:01 PM By Aquaria KLCC Event
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