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Sleep with Sharks

This is our signature programme for kids only. It is a rare opportunity for children to satisfy their curiosity at our aquarium when it is closed to the public at night. Part of the activities includes them getting a chance to feed the Malaysian Giant Monsters at the Malaysian Flooded Forrest. This is also an exclusive opportunity to see the nocturnal activity of our sharks.

A night of discovery

This unique adventure that they will likely remember for the rest of their life. In between making new friends and learning what our aquatic friends are really up to while we sleep, there will be activities such as the Nocturnal Walk & Discovery Hunt.

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Day 1
10:30 am Registration of Participants
11:00 am Ice Breaking Session
11:30 am Guided Tour
12:30 pm Lunch Time
1:30 pm Meet the Diver
2:00 pm Shark Games
2:30 pm Learn About Arapaima’s Diet
3:00 pm Learn About Sharks’ Diet
3:30 pm Weird & Wonderful Tour
4:00 pm Learn About Red-Bellied Piranha’s Diet
4:05 pm It’s Fun Time!
4:30 pm Learn About Asian Small-clawed Otters’ Diet
5:00 pm Marine Animal Workshop
6:00 pm Station Aquarius Tour
7:00 pm Dinner Time
8:00 pm Creepy Crawlies
8:30 pm Learn About Our Freshwater Fishes!
9:00 pm Discovery Hunt
10:00 pm Set Up Camp & Light Off
Day 2
7:00 am Rise & Shine: Wash Up
7:30 am Morning Exercise
8:00 am Breakfast Time
9:00 am Meet & Greet The Aquarists
10:00 am Prize Giving Ceremony & Group Photo
10:15 am See You Again!!

The schedule may vary from the original one based on the availability of certain activities and time constraints.




Call Us Now

The programme is only available on weekends and open to children aged 6 to 13 years only. Due to the popularity of the programme, advance booking is recommended to ensure your place.

For further enquiries please call +603 2333 1888 or email to education@aquawalk.com

All bookings are on a first-come, first-serve basis.
Confirmation of bookings is strictly via email or tele-conversation from our sales representative.