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About 71 percent of the Earth’s surface is covered in water, and the oceans hold around 96.5 percent of all water on the planet. Oceans contain extraordinary wildlife which is now suffering because of us humans. Overfishing, pollution, and climate change has taken their toll on the world’s oceans. Through our conservation efforts, Aquaria KLCC has taken steps in providing conservation solutions which will help make our oceans healthier.

Adopt a turtle

Adopt a turtle (2007)

Adopt a Turtle (2007) is Aquaria KLCC’S first conservation effort. This turtle conservation campaign aims to educate and create public awareness on the threats and potential extinction that turtles face by allowing the public to adopt 200 hatched turtles. This campaign has successfully raised funds to purchase and implant microchips in the turtles, supporting the Malaysian turtle research group.

Turtles can fly

Turtle can fly (2008)

2 years since the arrival of the one-month-old turtle hatchlings in Aquaria KLCC, we are now ready to send the turtles back to their natural habitat. The turtles are carefully contained and transported – ready for their long trip from the heart of the capital to the beautiful coast in the east.

Turtles are free

Turtle are free (2010)

The final effort in Aquaria KLCC’s Turtle Conservation Campaign, ‘Turtles Are Free’ revolves on three Green Turtles; Cruise, Duke, and Mertie. The turtles will be satellite tagged and released into the ocean.

Save our fins (2011)

“Save our Fins” is a high profile campaign to create awareness and educate the public on the importance of maintaining a balanced marine ecology system that involves sharks. Unethical and excessive hunting has caused a sharp decline in shark numbers, pushing them further to extinction, if left unaddressed.